Loaded® pigments

“The New Ink On the Block

Loaded® organic shades are concentrated with a water base and smooth consistency appropriate for all permanent cosmetic eyebrow enhancement techniques and applications.

This formulation is blended with color neutralizers to minimize mixing and can be applied directly to the skin. Loaded® shades cling to the needle for all your tattooing techniques, manual or machine, and were crafted to dry at a workable procedure rate. Loaded® eliminates unnecessary separation and maintains consistency during bodily fluid contact.

This “New Ink On the Block” is the liquid gold your brows have been looking for.


  • Always shake pigment bottles for at least 30 seconds prior to each use
  • Pour pigment into sterile container at sterile workstation
  • Securely cap bottles immediately after dispensing pigment
  • Caution: Avoid eye contact


Pigment Products should be stored between the temperatures of 20-25 ̊C or 68-77 ̊F. Always store pigment containers in a cool, dry place, void of UV ray exposure to maximize shelf life.


Products may need to be disposed of prior to suggested expiration date if:

  • container has visual appearance of damage, leakage, or tampering of seal
  • container has been exposed to extreme temperatures
  • container has been exposed to direct UV rays for extended period
  • container contents contaminated by instrument exposed to autoclave
  • container contents have dried


16 Shades Available


The Loaded® pigment line is a highly concentrated water-based formulation that has a smooth consistency and dries at a workable procedure rate.


Excels on all skin types.



No Splatter or Pooling Pigment


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