About us

What We Do

Li Pigments combines our knowledge of Pigment color and application process with the specification demands of our global customer base, to formulate and distribute the most innovative and scientifically advanced custom designed pigmentation products. Our goal is to provide unparalleled customer service and technical support with an emphasis on safety, quality and cost efficiency. Our focus on research and development, coupled with our application laboratory testing has resulted in outstanding lines of safe and effective cosmetic pigments. Li Pigments is committed to ensuring the safety of our clients and employees by always adhering to current good manufacturing practices, consistently testing our products, using only the highest quality raw materials, and constantly researching innovative ways to make our products the safest possible. Li pigments is proud to say that we have provided safe and effective products to clients all over the globe since our inception in 1992, always ensuring that each product sold is rigorously tested, and meets our most stringent standards of quality. Li Pigments continues to evolve, and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the permanent cosmetics industry while staying true to our decades old mission of providing quality pigments and superior customer service!

Darlene’s Story

President and CEO  has a vision or as she puts it “There is always a method to my madness”. Now I wouldn’t call it madness per say but her method has worked through and through. This hard working, enthusiastic women has dedicated a great portion of her life creating this wonderful product and with much help and many obstacles overcome, has made it. Her visions made and continues to make this company grow, change and become greater every day. Darlene Story has helped so many by creating, researching and producing a product that not only enhances the beauty with in to leave a ever lasting impression but also to help someone looking in the mirror again to feel whole. This product is a beauty enhancer for some but a life changer for others. Our facility is a reflection of who Ms. Story is but also who Li Pigments is as a whole, what we represent and our future goals.


Our Facility

We are a certified cosmetic manufacturer. Our facility is one that is constantly evolving, growing, and catering to the needs of all our supportive customers and loyal Distributors. Our facility houses our administration, production lab, quality control, filling and packaging departments as well as our warehouse and shipping. We have a state- of-the-art production lab that is fully equipped to handle formulations and pigment production with the most advanced, modern technologies.

Quality Control

Exact Shades Every Time…
Our modern processing equipment and strict production controls allow us to recreate exact shades every time! The quality control department is in control of all Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P.), release of all materials, finished goods, and the distribution of documents for specifications, test methods and release criteria.