About us

The Li Mission

We strive to merge our pigment manufacturing expertise with the specification demands of our global customer base

to create and distribute the most innovative and scientifically advanced custom designed pigmentation products.

The Li Goal

Our goal is to provide unparalleled customer service and technical support

with an emphasis on safety, quality and cost efficiency.


Darlene Story is the President and CEO of Li Pigments.

She has poured all of her energies into developing the most stable, consistent and smooth-flowing pigments. Beginning with a strong mind for business, an eye for color and experience in the field, she sought support from recognized professional chemists to develop the original LI formulations.

She understands that beauty enhancers can be life changers to many. Li Pigments formulates clean products to  leave a ever lasting impression and Darlene is passionate about producing high quality cosmetics that are safe and beautiful.


Mytia Story, the Vice President and Head Chemist of Li Pigments.

She has been fascinated with the biology that develops safe and beautiful pigments. For over a decade Mytia has dedicated her life to researching the chemical aspects of manufacturing individual pigments based on their composition and breakdown.

The goals of her research,  development, and formulation are bridging the gap between science and art in a way that makes permanent cosmetics more reliable.

Li Facility

We are a certified cosmetic manufacturer.

The Li Pigments Facility features state-of-the-art equipment
in our production lab used for formulating, testing, and
producing pigments.

Our Facility caters to the quality standards
needed to produce Li Pigments and products.

Li Quality

Exact Shades Every Time…

Our modern processing equipment and strict production controls allow us to recreate exact shades every time!

Li Pigments has ten areas of quality assurance from raw material storage to sterilizing the final product that ensure that all products are safety compliant.

Li Safety

LI Pigments adheres to United States (US) Cosmetic Guidelines & European Union (EU) Regulations and is distributed internationally.

Li Certificates

We have made a commitment to safety, quality and cost efficiency.

Li Pigments is a State licensed Certified Cosmetic Establishment certified for micropigmentation, permanent cosmetics and tattooing, as well as traditional cosmetics.

Our company prioritizes product quality, and adheres to the guidelines set forth by the EU Resolutions and Directives.

Li Pigments has completed the testing of over 93 different substances and compounds as it relates to Certification within the EU. The testing includes carcinogenic compounds, colorants, and metals causing allergies and irritations of the skin.

  • Bioburden Batch Testing results show the microbial and toxicity levels of the product prior to sterilization.
  • Where applicable, manufactured products are Gamma-Sterilized to prevent infection & contamination.
    • Total Microbial Count (Before Sterilization): Less than 20 organisms/gm
    • Total Microbial Count (After Sterilization): 0 organisms/gmSanitation & Sterilization
  • Investigation of Aromatic Amines with Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic and sensitizing properties according to EU Resolution ResAP (2008)1
  • Investigation of Carcinogens classified in Categories 1, 2 and 3 by the European Commission and mentioned in the Council Directive 1967/548/EEC of 27 June 1967 According to EU Resolution ResAP (2008)1 aromatic Amines with Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic and sensitizing properties according to EU Resolution ResAP (2008)1
  • GC/MS-Analysis
  • Dyes Causing Allergies
  • Mutagenic and Carcinogenic Dyes
  • HPLC-Analysis
  • Heavy Metals
  • PAH’s. Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons and Benzene-a-pyrene (BaP)
  • Germ Test, Total Germ Count
  • Microbiological Test of Sterility
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