Li Scalp® Pigmentation

The Ultimate Hair Loss Solution

Li Scalp® is a collection of selectively concentrated Organic and Inorganic micro-pigmentation shades that produce remarkable scalp transformations and enhance supporting facial hair features of the cheeks, jawline, and neck. These water-based shades excel with all application techniques to maximize regal results and reproduce natural appearing hair colors that last.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation is a custom, non-surgical, non-prescription hair loss solution that is stylish and easy to maintain. An experienced technician performs a permanent cosmetic or tattoo technique that implants Li Scalp® into the skin. The outcome can provide those experiencing hair losses with a permanent innovative solution to natural looking hairline.


  • Always shake pigment bottles for at least 30 seconds prior to each use
  • Pour pigment into sterile container at sterile workstation
  • Securely cap bottles immediately after dispensing pigment
  • Caution: Avoid eye contact


Pigment Products should be stored between the temperatures of 20-25 ̊C or 68-77 ̊F. Always store pigment containers in a cool, dry place, void of UV ray exposure to maximize shelf life.


Products may need to be disposed of prior to suggested expiration date if.

  • container has visual appearance of damage, leakage, or tampering of seal
  • container has been exposed to extreme temperatures
  • container has been exposed to direct UV rays for extended period
  • container contents contaminated by instrument exposed to autoclave
  • container contents have dried

Li Scalp®

10 Shades Available


The Li Scalp® pigment line is a highly concentrated water-based formulation that includes two base formula types that are both a smooth, Organic and Inorganic that both dry similarly during procedures.


Excels on all skin types through many application techniques.


Scalp, Hair Line, Facial Hair (beard/mustache)

No Splatter or Pooling Pigment


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