LI Pigments has chosen a prime selection of these previously unreleased pigments to meet the requests of our loyal customers. Thus, LI Pigments is proud to announce the launch of The Forever Color Series™, an incredible organic pigment line that makes it possible to safely produce long lasting shades that are elegant, classic, and natural appearing. The Forever Color Series is a highly concentrated version of carefully selected organic colorants made exclusively for permanent makeup procedures. The uses are vast and technician specific. During its 1st release within the Private Label sector, the goal was for long lasting permanent makeup shades that LAST!

This organic line is designed for the EXPERIENCED TECHNICIAN to achieve a truer to color, healed version of their favorite shades made to accommodate the outcome desires of their client.

Through years of research and rigorous testing, we have concluded that using selective base organic colorants with greatly increased density value provides the user-friendly creamy texture that is the consistently maintained within the long lasting formula during use.

The Forever Series consists of the following Lines. Click a Forever Series logo to sort by line


Showing 1–16 of 48 results

Showing 1–16 of 48 results