Custom Pigment Formulation

Custom pigment formulation
Li Pigments allows you to create your own, custom pigment formulation.  LI uses innovative state-of-the-art technologies to constantly develop new products and applications to stay ahead of your changing needs. We work closely with you to develop special shades with the exact chemistry to satisfy your formulation objectives or modify your existing formula.

Pigment Color Matching
Found a certain color that you want duplicated or a new shade you want created? Our research department is dedicated to color development using advanced instrumentation and access to a comprehensive array of pigment ingredients to create any shade you desire.

Pigment Formula Modification for Custom Pigment
Have a formula that you would like modified to make it the optimum pigment for your needs? LI works with you to understand your requirements and responds to your needs quickly allowing you to keep abreast of an ever-changing industry. Should your requirements come close to one of our “Standard Stock Formula’s”, we may ask that you work with us in modifying that particular shade/color or formulation to meet your needs.

Color Charts

LI Scalp CIC

Micro Edge CIC

Micro Colors CIC

Forever Color CIC

Aqua Velvet CIC

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