Become a Distributor

We are currently not accepting new distributors at this time.

Our selection criteria include, but not limited to:

  • Leadership within the industry
  • High quality, action-oriented management
  • Outstanding quality management
  • Commitment to superior customer service and customer satisfaction
  • Continuous Improvement Philosophy for cost, quality and lead times
  • Track record of innovation for product technology, manufacturing processes and   business processes
  • Willingness to share and adopt best practices
  • Relentless drive to be a low-cost producer
  • Managing the business for the long term
  • Excellent environment and safety profile
  • Proactive member of the community
  • A company or organization that we are proud to recommend to others


LiPigments are NOT for resale. LiPigments may only be sold by an authorized LiPigments distributor. All sales by individuals not authorized by LiPigments are illegal. LiPigments seeks relationships with quality companies who share our “Commitment to Excellence”. In addition to our normal business practices, we utilize corporate-specific criteria to form the basis for these relationships.

We invite potential distributors to learn more about our existing policies and terms of conditions. Please note that some criteria are not relevant in the exercise of our commitment to businesses in our local communities and disadvantaged businesses, wherever they may be. The information provided here is intended for International-based distributors and may not be entirely applicable inside the United States.

NOTE: LI Pigments requires that all of our authorized distributors have at least ten (10) years working within the permanent cosmetics industry, and at least five (5) years working with LI Pigments brands pigments. If you are interested in distributing in a region that currently has a distributor located within it, please contact the distributor for that region for more information about becoming a distributor.