After care

Soft FX

is a specially formulated solution used to dilute and lesson the density of pigments.  There are many uses for Soft FX and by learning the techniques with Soft FX you will be able to create artistic effects by adding depth and dimension by using one pigment color.  Dilute your pigment of choice to different levels to create unique effects. In eyeliner applications, use full strength pigment in the lash line and dilute the same eyeliner pigment to achieve a soft, smoky effect above the lash line. In lip applications, Use Soft FX to dilute your lip pigment to outline border when your client does not want a defining lip line healed in the final result. In nipple and areola procures, dilute your pigment of choice to lay down a nice foundation, then use same pigment full strength on top to add depth and dimension


Infinity Care Healing Balm

Prepare to be pampered by our silky-smooth, ultra-hydrating Healing Balm! Use this balm after your pigmentation procedure to ensure that your skin stays moisturized, healthy and radiant. The Healing Balm is enriched with cocoa butter, which offers a deep hydrating effect, to sooth and repair skin tissue. The safflower oil in the Healing Balm acts as a protective barrier, preventing moisture from leaving your skin. Safflower oil also helps your skin maintain its elasticity, keeping your skin looking fresh, young, and luminous.